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Simplifying Cloud ​Computing

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Cloud Computing

Benefits migrating to cloud

Disaster recovery

When you host your ​organisation’s computer ​network infrastructure on ​cloud, facilitates high ​availability. Replicating your ​data across different ​datacenters at different ​geographical location protect ​your infrastructure from single ​point of failure.


Easily upgrade hardware ​configuration and storage, ​with few clicks


Access your office from home, ​hotel or from a leisure location ​at your convenient time.

Cost effective

Organisation doesn‘t have to ​purchase expensive server, ​supporting hardware and ​software licenses

Data protection

Data can be easily copied to ​multiple locations including ​local office


Data is stored in secure ​environment also data transfer ​is always using encryption ​technology

Personal computers for rent ​on monthly basis

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Best offers are awaiting you when you rent a computer for long term, also you get free of service of the entire term

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Modern office with desktop computers and keyboards

Personal computers having different configuration with Graphics cards.

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Computer Network ​management services and ​cyber security

Tech doesn't have to feel like a different language. We ​built Binaries to make sure innovation works for you, ​your business, and your people.

We can't wait to innovate with you!

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Not yet ready for cloud ?

We will help you rebuilt your office network For

increase security Data protection Centralized network management Centralized data backup Work from any where

Seamless branch connectivity Data transfer between authorized personnel.

Network Security

With various security applications and ​devices from different vendors we help ​you protect your network from internal ​or external threats.

Wireless Network

We help you design and implement enterprise grade wireless ​network for seamless data transfer across the entire ​organisation or campus, design ensures enough bandwidth to ​support client server model data transfer efficiently.

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Computer Annual ​Maintenance Contract

Annual maintenance contract for personal ​computers and peripherals, we help you ​manage and secure your office network.

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