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Data center in kochi

Data Center Providers
Data Center Providers

Kochi Data Center

Uptime institute tier III design compliant (99.982% uptime)
No of racks: 200
Built Up Area: 20,000 Sq.ft
Power Capacity: 3MW through independent routes from dual substations. N+1 fault tolerant modular architecture providing at least 48 hours’ power outage protection. All major Indian ISPs interconnecting with 50Gig each, though redundant routes terminating at dual meet me room. Business Continuity bay areas for enterprises for zero operational disruption.
Security levels: Eight levels of Stringer security layers.
datacenter connected to both local and global command centers for seamless operation.

Data Center Providers

Vijayawada Data Center
Andhra Pradesh

Uptime Institute Tier IV certified (99.995% uptime) built on 10 acres datacenter campus (1st and only in India)
No of racks: Upto 5000
Built up area: 50,00,00 Sq.ft
Power capacity: Upto 60 MW (dedicated in campus substation), through independent routes from dual substations 2N fault tolerant modular architecture providing at least 48 hours’ power outage protection. All major Indian ISPS inter- connecting with 100Gig each, though redundant routes terminating at dual meet me room.
Security Levels: Eight levels of Stringent security Layers.
Datacenter connected to global command center (NOC & SOC) for seamless operation.

Partnering for Mission Critical IT Deployment

Pi Datacenter, our data center partner has been operating for the past eight years. They have designed, built, and operated India’s first greenfield uptime TIER IV certified datacenter. Pi provides a one-stop solution for all kinds of data center requirements for corporations & hyperscalers. Their certifications include uptime TIER IV, MeitY, STQC, SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and ISO 22301:2012, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 20000-1:2011, ISO 140001:2015, and ISO 9001:2015. Being SAP certified in Infrastructure operations drives confidence in enterprises to partner with them for their digital transformation journey. colocation services.

Private Suits

We offers physically separated private suites (DC in a DC) that meet high compliance and high-volume colocation requirements from enterprises. These private suites are designed keeping in mind the varied quantum of racks with various power capacities, critical operations, and security needs.

Caged Solution

We offers a caged solution for enterprises looking for flexible options but desiring to retain complete control over their environment, from environmental conditions to security.

Rack Collections

Provides secure lockable rack cabinets with power and high-speed network connectivity in modular data suites of varied sizes. These data suites are equipped with dedicated air conditioning and are available as part of a dedicated or shared suite depending on customer requirements.

White Space

State-of-the-Art equipped plug-and-play ready space is available for customers to deploy their cabinets and IT equipment.


Has extensive operating experience with large to medium-sized data centers for enterprises and governments. They install and maintain network resources, ensure data center security, and monitor systems for power and cooling. As time-tested and industry-weighted data center operators, they bring in the expertise & in-depth knowledge to put all the dots together and bridge the gaps as your trusted partner to operate your data center.


We emphasizes the importance of optimal Data Center design, which can save millions in terms of CAPEX and OPEX. Their UPTIME-Certified Architects (ATDs) can bring your vision to reality through their experience and expertise by assimilating the essential features required for a Data Center to run. The design includes the Master plan, Structural design, Mechanical & Electrical design drawings, HVAC, Security/ Surveillance, Fire Suppression, Access Controls, and End-to-End Automation. Their deliverables also include design certifications.


We have expertise in selecting the right construction partner for the civil and M&E phases of the project, among others, to execute the build of the DC in the stipulated time. They have extensive experience working on the ground with the relevant statutory bodies, which will assist you in meeting your objectives.

Benefits of Our Data Center Services

Modular Architecture: Modular private data suites with custom rack capacity and flexibility for future scaling. Each suite can be dedicated or be a    multi-tenant environment in itself.


Can enable a 100% automated SCADA/DCIM facility that would monitor all electrical, mechanical, HVAC, fire safety, security, and surveillance equipment live and could be controlled instantly with a click of a button from an in-house global command center.

Uncompromised Security

Provides multi-level stringent security from the main entrance to the data racks. All data suites and NOCs are facilitated with biometric/physical key access and monitored and managed through the global industry standard IBMS.

Rapid Deployment

Has proven expertise in enabling data centers with private suites where customers can collocate their IT infrastructure in a matter of days compared to months at traditional data centers.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Innovative data center design, better PUE, low power cost, and a flexible business model translate to significant cost savings for our customers.